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UK is transitioning to a waitlist for students who submitted their application past the February 15 application deadline and any admitted student who does not confirm by May 1, 2023.

Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if my admission decision is “waitlist" or I’ve been waitlisted?

There has never been a better time to become a Wildcat. This year, the University of Kentucky received well over 30,000 unique undergraduate applications with a projection of enrolling a first-year class of over 6,000 students. With a limited number of spaces in our first-year class, UK is unable to admit all qualified applicants.

Some spaces may become available after the May 1 enrollment deposit deadline and a waitlist option is available. A waitlist for admission is a list of first-year applicants who will be considered as enrollment capacity allows. Students on the waitlist are qualified and prepared to succeed at the University of Kentucky but are not yet admitted due to the anticipated class size. Admitted students have until May 1 to accept their admission and register for orientation and housing, enrollment capacity in the incoming class may become available during that time.

Other options are available in addition to the waitlist option for Fall 2023.  You may choose to stay on the waitlist, or should you want to be guaranteed admissions, you may choose to delay your application to the Spring 2024 semester. You can indicate your interest in these options through the waitlist response form (found on your waitlist notification letter).


I have received a waitlist decision – what do I do now?

Complete the waitlist response form (found on your waitlist notification letter) as soon as possible.  The final deadline for accepting your spot on the waitlist is April 1. You can also reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if you have any questions.


Are waitlisted applicants ranked?

Waitlisted applicants are not ranked.


Why did I get placed on the waitlist when students with lower grades and/or test scores than me were admitted?

Although a student’s high school GPA is the best predictor in determining a student's ability to succeed at the University of Kentucky, the timing of your application was the major factor in the admission decision making process.


Can applicants on the waitlist submit additional information?

Waitlisted students may send updated transcripts and/or test scores as they are available. You may submit either of those two items to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Only updated transcripts and/or test scores will be considered.


If I change my major, do I have a better chance of getting admitted from the waitlist?

No. Students who have been waitlisted are not allowed to change their major while on the waitlist. Please be assured you will be able to change your major if you are admitted from the waitlist.


Am I committing to attend the University of Kentucky if I accept my spot on the waitlist?

No. Accepting your spot on the waitlist does not commit you to UK in any way. If we offer you admission, you will have the option to decide if you would like to enroll once notifications are sent. 


What is the likelihood of being admitted from the waitlist?

At this time, we cannot provide the chance of you coming off the waitlist, as it will depend on a variety of factors. We closely monitor the number of students completing their housing contracts and registering through the spring, and we are committed to letting applicants know their final admission decision by June 15, 2023. 


I have a friend who was admitted, but they are not going to attend the University of Kentucky. Can I have their spot? Can you take me off the waitlist?

Unfortunately, an admitted student cannot offer their spot to another student.  When making decisions on the waitlist, we have already taken into consideration a percentage of students that will not attend. 


Will I be disadvantaged if I am selected off the waitlist? What will I have missed?

If you are admitted from the waitlist, you will not be at a disadvantage. Orientation sessions for first-year students occur throughout the summer months. Housing is available for all freshmen, and housing assignments are made throughout the summer. Your eligibility for financial aid will not change.