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LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 9, 2024) — The University of Kentucky is extending its confirmation deadline to May 15 for first-year incoming students who wish to enroll for the fall 2024 semester. This extension is due to federal delays associated with important financial aid information.  

UK’s traditional confirmation deadline is May 1. However, to ensure as much flexibility and time as possible for families and students, the decision has been made to extend the deadline. 

"We understand that students must make informed decisions about their college choice and that includes fully understanding the cost of attendance. To that end, we feel extending the confirmation deadline is in the best interest of our students," said Christine Harper, UK’s Chief Enrollment Officer. “We strive to put students first in everything that we do. Extending the deadline underscores our commitment to students, who through no fault of their own, are receiving important financial aid information much later than ever before.” 

Specifically, significant delays have occurred during this enrollment cycle because of the availability and processing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to both students and universities.  

Because of these delays at the federal level, students are receiving their financial aid notifications much later than in previous years.  

UK, in fact, is still awaiting some additional FAFSA data for processing. As a result, university officials anticipate sending financial aid notifications to students starting the end of April. It is important to note the following:  

  • All first-year incoming students must confirm by May 15.  
  • Once UK has prepared a student’s financial aid notification (FAN), the student will receive an email with their detailed electronic FAN.   
  • Financial aid notifications will be sent in batches based on when the FAFSA was filed and when it was received by UK. As a result, not all packages will be sent at the same time.  
  • If students submitted a FAFSA by May 1 but receive financial aid notifications on or after the May 15 deadline extension, they will be given seven days from the date of their emailed packages to confirm their spots in the fall 2024 class. 
  • Students who submit a FAFSA after May 1 will not be provided the additional seven days; they must confirm their plans by the May 15 deadline.  

UK will closely monitor other deadlines that may be impacted by this extension, including the housing application deadline, which remains June 1.  

Students and families with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact UK’s Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at or connect with their recruiter